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Wedding Day Dog Chaperones & VIP Wedding Day Experiences

Wedding Day Dog Chaperones & VIP Wedding Day Experiences

For those who dream of having their dog alongside on their Wedding day


For those who dream of having their dog alongside on their Wedding day

If you’re looking to infuse something personal into your wedding day celebration, one aspect to consider is having your beloved pet alongside. Nothing quite replicates that moment of pride when your trusted four-legged companion makes an entrance - in celebration of you. 

No matter what role they serve, whether dog of honour, ring bearer, escort or merely a reassuring companion to quieten big-day nerves, their unquestioning loyalty adds priceless memories to the perfect day.

We offer a highly individual wedding dog chaperone service for couples who share a passion for dogs and dream of their inclusion on the day. With over 15 years of pet care and event management experience, our personalised approach to chaperoning dogs at weddings ensures their involvement is everything you hope for. From picture-perfect photo opportunities to impromptu cuddles with guests, our mission is to present them at their very best.

Our Services

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Whatever the breed, age or temperament of your dog, we undertake to never compromise on outstanding levels of service and delivery. The flow, timing and execution of a wedding dog’s performance is just as important as the way they’re groomed and prepared. We oversee all elements of planning from travel logistics to the finer details of their appearance, performance and care. Our mission is to make their day every bit as fun, fabulous and wonderfully spoilt as yours! 

Select from six service options.   

We’ve based our chaperone programmes on recommendations & wish lists from couples and their guests who’ve already experienced the joy of pets playing a special role at weddings.

Why us

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You'll want to feel completely at ease with your dog's enchanting appearance.  Whilst you’re enjoying the moments and memories, at the core and out of sight our chaperones will be running the wedding dog’s itinerary like a military operation. We'll look-out for discrete opportunities for them to raise a smile and share memorable moments with friends and family.   

Our personal approach ensures that the involvement of your dog states something about your shared values and sense of style. Initial consultations will offer detailed advice, planning tools and checklists to build an itinerary that’s right for everyone attending. In our view great weddings are all about people and we work with the guest’s experience in mind. 

The best care for your best friend on your Wedding Day

5-star VIP treatment to make sure their day is every bit as special as yours

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We acknowledge that each of our clients want and expect the very best.  As such we’re committed to meeting your individual requirements and exceed expectations.

We’ll assess the type of care required and the level of involvement that you envisage, so that our attendance on the day compliments your wedding plan in a very subtle and supportive manner.

Our highly tailored approach ensures a more thorough understanding of your family's preferences. We dig into the detail of your vision to make sure the role that your wedding day dog plays delivers lasting memories for all.

Giving your family time to fully appreciate the novelty of moments with a familiar pet on-site becomes our responsibility as your canine wedding planner. As for photos, every guest can have their chance to score a few selfies for comparison and distribution later. (A little distraction – a lot of joy)

We strive to be the best at what we do, and our clients have been kind enough to state that we are!

Memories to treasure forever

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Just imagine how absolutely stunning your wedding pictures would be if some of them featured your much-loved hound. Having them there to meet you with tails wagging in greeting – Imagine the smiles brought to everyone’s face as a four-legged friend leads you down the aisle, groomed and perhaps dressed to impress.  A sprinkle of magic…


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 If you’re concerned that a dog wedding chaperone may be a luxury reserved for those with rather deep pockets, let’s put your worries to rest.  Read about the five wedding packages available from Lead Me Down the Aisle, for wedding day dogs.