Dogs at weddings never fail to make an impressionable contribution

Couples are increasingly asking for their four legged friends to partake in some (if not all) of their wedding celebration.  Imagine the joy of  your beloved canine companion playing a  part in your ceremony and joining group photographs! If dogs are part of your family, why shouldn’t they share 

in your special day?

A charming insight into dogs at weddings


Chaperoned dogs at weddings add a  quintessential element of charm.

There are 5 roles that couples typically reserve for their canine companions; dog of honour, ring bearer, escort to the groom or just a reassuring companion to help with big day nerves. 


Great weddings are all about PEOPLE and EMOTION.  Great wedding dogs bring out the best in both. 

It’s our privilege to discretely capture moments when guests embrace; a wagging tail, a wet nose, a playful paw… Here are some examples...

Arrange a surprise VIP appearance for your partner.  Wedding dog chaperones take care of it all (including wedding dog outfits and props).

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