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Franchise opportunities in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire and London and more areas coming later in 2019

An innovative up-and-coming pet care company brings a new tailor-made franchise opportunity to a high growth wedding industry worth £10+ billion and Pet Care industry worth £4.5 billon.  Trusted Pet Carers launched their exciting new franchise : “Lead Me Down the Aisle” this month with an amazing offer for entrepreneurs looking for new franchise opportunities.  If you’re based in either; Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire or London, they’re looking for five ambitions individuals to pilot the new VIP Wedding Day Dog Chaperone service in those UK counties.

With a fast-growing trend of couples wanting to involve their precious family pet in wedding celebrations, this ambitious company wants 5 individuals to pilot a new ‘Lead Me Down The Aisle franchise’ in their area. Essentially the franchise offers a highly individual pet chaperone service to wedding couples who share a passion for their pets and want to involve them in their wedding day celebrations. This new pet care and wedding venture resonates with all genres, the common denominater being that  dream of four-legged family members attending the wedding day celebration, whether as a ring bearer, best man, flower girl or as official comic relief to help calm and relax the bride and the guests.

They have quickly built an excellent reputation for providing impeccable VIP (very important pet) wedding day chaperone and planning services in and around Hampshire, Berkshire and London.

The company roadmap to expand throughout the UK is driving this initiative for entrepreneurs to pilot 5 new franchises.  Lead Me Down the Aisle offers a range of wedding day dog experiences and each one incorporates a high-end tailor-made pet (VIP) chaperone , VIP itinerary planning and project managing every aspect of the VIP’s pre-event training and on-the-day welfare, presentation and pre-scheduled appearances.  .

Managing Director Norman Campbell said: “We all see our dogs as an important part of the family and would love for them to be part of our big day, but many of our couples say it’s difficult to find anyone to care for their dog during and after the wedding and to manage all of the logistics.

Over the years whilst home dog boarding animals for our clients, we’ve accommodated numerous requests for dogs to be looked after whilst their owners got married or couldn’t look after them while attending a close relative’s weddings.   It’s so much fun for everyone concerned to invite the family’s faithful hound to join special moments in the day.  Wedding days are so family orientated for most and a loyal companion’s appearance makes it all-the-more special, fun and personal for a couple and the dog(s).  Having a chaperone there takes the worry out of experience.

We looked around the marketplace and found that local dog walkers and home dog boarding agencies were typically offering a basic pet care service for weddings.  These secondary services typically included the dog’s: collection, appearance for a few photos and transportation home.  They did not create opportunities for the dog to contribute or be featured more imaginatively within the framework of the day.  They missed the magic and ignored key wedding moments that would otherwise transform the experience into an extra-special memory.

We decided to take a look at developing our own tailor-made VIP wedding day chaperone service to allow couples to make dogs a special part of their wedding and ease the stress levels of making it happen. 

As owners of a marketing agency, we felt someone needed to raise the bar, and decided to create a number of special VIP wedding day celebration experiences for couples looking to include their wedding day dog. From this initial concept and the knowledge we gained at weddings and working with couples, we developed a range of chaperone experiences to suit different wallets and dreams.  From the equivalent price of a typical wedding cake to a tailor-made celebrity experience where money is no object, we wanted to create a highly professional alternative for families with a passion for pets and big dreams.  Lead Me Down the Aisle hope to find like-minded entrepreneurs to pilot the new business in their local area.”

Current research shows that one in ten British couples (10%) want their dog to have a starring role in their wedding and more than a quarter think their pet will help them cope with wedding day jitters! With around 270,000 weddings a year in the UK, that means that 27,000 weddings annually may need a service like ours, and the trend is growing in popularity year on year.

Operations Director Naomi Campbell said: “Wedding day dog care can be difficult for some couples because friends and family who would normally step-in to dog-sit will be attending the wedding too!  Couples could ask a friend to help, but the implication that they’re good enough as a helper but not as a guest can get embarrassing. Add to that the stress factor of getting the dog to the wedding on time and then back home again, as well as the general healthcare management of the dog on such an important day. And lets not forget the responsibility factor (emotionally & legally) if the dog runs off or causes an accident or allegedly bites someone… who’s insurance covers such eventualities?  These are just some of the worry factors that often put couples off involving animals on the big day.”

To launch the latest franchise opportunity from Lead Me Down the Aisle, the company is looking for five hardworking, passionate and dog loving individuals to apply to run a pilot franchise in their own local area. Each franchisee chosen for the pilot will receive a setup bundle of support, marketing assets, full training and offers to help launch their very own Lead Me Down the Aisle branch. Franchise opportunities in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire and London

Our franchises are just like you and come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with many different reasons for buying a franchise.  Common triggers for their career changes have included: looking for a more rewarding profession, wanting flexibility along with improved lifestyle and even just wanting to do something in retirement while creating an additional income stream and a asset they can sell on at a later stage.


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