About Us

Our story

My husband and I of 25 years are the founders of Lead Me Down the Aisle, a specialist wedding day pet care service. 

For us, every wedding day dog experience really is just as magical as it sounds. Not simply because of the picture perfect photos that we enjoy seeing after the celebration. It’s the added sense of excitement and anticipation that VIPs (very important pets) bring to the pre-planning stages of a wedding, as couples decide how to involve their dogs and whether or not to surprise family & friends with their unexpected appearance & role on the day. 

Our vision is to provide a pet-safe VIP wedding experience that’s special and unique to each family that we work with. That’s why all five of our VIP Experiences offer unforgettable memories because they’re fashioned to fit an individual couple’s dream. 

Whether you decide the most appropriate role for your dog is: ring bearer, best dog (dog of honour), flower girl or assistant master of ceremonies /guest relations, all elements of the wedding dog’s itinerary is delivered with meticulous attention to detail. It’s peace of mind that we bring to make a pet-safe wedding celebration every bit as special as you hope for, irrespective of whether you chose our; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond or Platinum Experience.

Our professionally trained and pet-loving team of chaperones consider it a privilege to get to know you and your pet personally. Seeing how much; excitement, fun, laughter and pure joy a VIP can add to a wedding makes us very proud of what we do before, during and after the celebration.  


How it began

For many years, caring for dogs has been our passion and pass-time. It’s introduced us to a wonderful community of dog lovers and their four legged friends. The concept of wedding dog chaperones was born when owners of a familiar dog walker asked for help at their wedding. Their beautiful wedding photos with pooch in arms led to a flurry of calls from couples looking for similar chaperone services. And once started – it’s not stopped.  

It's a joy to see dreams become a reality

15+ years in pet care & home dog boarding underpins our confidence and commitment to chaperoning dogs at weddings. Discretion and careful attention to detail bring the wow factor. 

There's much to see here. So, if you're in the midst of wedding planning, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. 

FAQ Video: Our Wedding Day Dog Chaperone Service Explained