Chose from 6 VIP Wedding Day Celebration Experiences

"Dedicated To You"

traditional bronze

What's included

"I Do Too"

Enchanting Silver

What's included

"With this dog I thee wed"

Classic Gold

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Priceless Diamond

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"once in a lifetime"

Exquisite Platinum

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"Whilst you're swooning"

Honeymoon Care

What's included
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VIP Wedding Celebration Experiences

All six of our VIP Experiences offer unforgettable memories because they’re fashioned to fit your dream. Whichever "experience"  you chose, ALL of the elements below are guaranteed and delivered with meticulous attention to detail. 

Subtle additions made to; Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum Experiences will allow you to raise the wow-factor bar as high as you’d like to go.   Please enquire about our optional add-on services for VIP wedding day dogs and dog day care.

Essential elements included for all wedding day dogs

Face to Face


A home VIP consultation to meet you and your VIP and collaborate ideas

Defining Roles


 Carefully planned VIP wedding itineraries  and VIP wedding day running order

Well rehearsed


Preparation guides and how-to videos for a Pet-Safe Wedding Celebration

Attending to detail


A trained VIP wedding day chaperone, professionally attired in attendance 



Exclusive pet wedding outfits and props to add fun to the VIP wedding experience

VIP Chauffeurs


 A dedicated Lead Me Down the Aisle branded car for chauffeuring your VIP with pet safety belts

Safety & Expertise


Professionally insured & fully qualified pet carers who are canine first aid certified.



Discretely professional head office supervision and support

Extendable care


Optional home dog boarding for minimoons & honeymoons

Discover more about each individual Experience. There’s much to see here, so take time to consider each option and learn all there is about preparing your pet for the big day 

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